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Everywhere we go, we carry too many thoughts and worries with us. Added to that, in our day and age, with all this information and distraction around us, we tend to lose our focus, and, as a result, we let stress & anxiety take over.


With the practice of mindfulness meditation, we can develop greater focus, mental clarity and calmness.

In our sessions, we focus on mindfulness exercises that help us become present and learn breathing techniques, in order to lower stress levels, enhance self-awareness, cultivate compassion, gratitude and inner peace.



· Mindfulness helps develop self-awareness & brings clarity

· It enhances creativity, improves focus & time management and lengthens attention span.

· It brings out tranquility, which helps us face everyday issues with calm & clarity, inspires a positive mood & outlook.

· It helps improve quality of sleep & emotional regulation.

Mindfulness services



We will focus on your needs: how can you be more present in life? Is stress/ worry/anger getting the best of you?

It's time to just breathe.

We will practice together and you'll learn practical tools to use everyday.

They can be taken separately or as part of a package with Life Coaching for a more holistic approach.

- 1:1 online sessions via Zoom/Skype/Google Meet.

- 40min - 60min sessions.



I believe mindfulness is a superpower. It's the best activity any company or HR department can offer their employees with almost immediate benefits: for their overall well-being, productivity and team bonding.

These sessions can be for a special event, weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Let's weave a unique experience for your company.

- Online group sessions

- On-site availability for Athens (only for the months of October-May)

- 20min - 40min sessions.

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